I have finished my A levels and am now embarking out into the big wide world! I have decided, university isn't for me and instead I will be concentrating on my running and writing. 

I have lived in Wales since I was three and have been living in Llandrindod Wells since 2008. Llandrindod is for me my hometown. Soon after moving here I discovered running and as they say the rest is history. 

I have launched a local blog entitled "llandrindodlife" to promote my hometown and support the local community by enhancing social relationships and people's knowledge of local businesses and events. Writing creatively about life in the town is the main focus of the blog. You can view the blog here

I am also trying to help people in the community of Llandrindod Wells discover their love of running. 

I have started a children's running group that meets every Wednesday 4-5pm. 

I really enjoy helping the enthusiastic children get active by having fun running. I started my running when I was a young teenager in the community so I hope I can inspire these children and show them they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. 

As part of this aim to help get more of the community active and to enjoy running; I organise monthly social runs. These runs explore the numerous paths and trails that surround the town. 

The social runs are kindly supported by 9bar who have provided some yummy bars for us to enjoy after the time out on the trails. 

Check out the GoPro footage below of the first #llandrindodlife social run to see what the runs are all about. 

I have many more ideas linked to running and involving the community of my hometown. The list of things I would love to develop in the future is almost endless. These include running events, running weekends and workshops, a running shop, dedicated running trails, a running drop in centre and many more. 

You can stay up to date with what's happening with this llandrindodlife movement on the Facebook page.