I am very lucky to have the support of different brands, charities and local businesses in my community, all allowing me to continue participating in the sport I love.

I am very lucky to have the support of the leading brand Inov-8
"There is a different kind of athlete. One not content to stand still. They are brave, obsessed and courageous. You can call them many things. But never ordinary. They push boundaries. Stretch limits. Challenge everything. For them, there are no limits. They measure their gear as they measure themselves. They strip it back. Make it pure. Everything is scrutinized. Everything perfected. And they chose us. Because we get it."

SportsAid financial support allows me to travel to competitions, enter races, pays for my accommodation etc.

"SportsAid helps the next generation of British sports stars by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early stages of their careers."

RWG Mobile grant me a revenue share opportunity where I earn 15% rebate on any customer who I bring to their network

"Before RWG Mobile was launched, there wasn’t a mobile network that belonged to Wales. A mobile network that was run by people in Wales, for people in Wales. One with a Welsh language service as standard. RWG Mobile set about to change that."
When you top up your RWG Mobile sim use the unique code HEIDI which will grant me 15% rebate, helping me towards my travel and accommodation costs when I compete. If you haven't yet got a RWG Mobile sim just put my name in brackets when you order your free sim and rebate will automatically be triggered! 

It's as simple as that!
The Metropole Hotel & Spa in my hometown of Llandrindod Wells, grant me access to their gym and swimming pool allowing me to progress towards my training goals.

Through my llandrindodlife blog, I have the support of local businesses. 

Happy Home Gift Company
Arvon Ales
Junk n Disorderly

If you wish to support me then please do get in contact via the contact page of the blog. I would love to hear from you and any ideas you might have!