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My name is Heidi Davies. I am a twenty year old runner; living in the heart of beautiful Mid Wales with my family. 

I have been running since I was a young teenager in all sorts of races. Track, cross country, road running...

Recently my heart has been stolen by the hills and my main focus has been on the somewhat challenging but wholly invigorating sport of mountain running. 

Mountain running has opened my eyes to the world and the natural environment in which we live and the many different possibilities. The different cultures, languages and the numerous breathtakingly beautiful places you get to run. I find myself craving future adventures and continuously looking forward to where the sport may take me next. 

Ultimately, I run because exploring new places by foot makes me happy. 

Mountain running is so much more than just a sport. It's about the inspiring people you meet, the incredible places you get to visit, the close friendships you build and the unforgettable memories you make. 

It's so much more than a run up a hill.

Check out what races I've been running on my Power of 10 profile.



When I'm not running I like to write about running! I also like to teach piano, cycle, swim, walk, read, yoga, play the piano and clarinet, try to learn some new languages, spend some time with my friends, organise running related events in my hometown, listen to music, help my Mum cook in the kitchen, run with the children in my hometown, plan my next running adventures out on the trails...

Having fun out on the trails with my family

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