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Hop over to the INOV-8 website or any of their social media channels and you'll soon find that everyone is raving about the all new decade in the making, ROCLITE shoe. But what are ROCLITE and why is everyone so excited?

Carry on reading if you really really want to try a new pair of INOV-8 latest ROCLITE (come on, I know you want to) but you're not sure you'll be able to convince your family you really need to add another pair to your beloved 'mountain' of trail shoes already bursting out of the cupboard or off the shelves of your 'shoe cave'.

I mean looking at my shelves, they seem pretty full but I still managed to just about squeeze a pair of ROCLITE in. There's no reason why you can't too. After all, a pair from the INOV-8 range of all new ROCLITE are just what you need to hit the new year with a BANG!!!

It states on the INOV-8 website:

A good running shoe is one that stands the test of time in a hugely competitive market place. That shoe is the ROCLITE.

I couldn't agree more, with the original ROCLITE launched back in 2006. (Back when I didn't even know running existed, let alone what trail shoes were) Over the last decade the shoe has taken on numerous guises for runners who seek a shoe that can work well on many types of off road terrain.

"From the original ROCLITE 315 to the super-lightweight ROCLITE 243 and the more recent ROCLITE 295, runners wearing these shoes have broken global records and won world championships. It was even the shoe of choice for Kevin Carr, who between 2013 and 2015 undertook the ultimate all terrain running challenge, becoming the fastest man to run around the world."

Times are a'changing and to mark a decade at the top, the ROCLITE has had the most significant revamp to date. While the DNA at the heart of its success has been retained, five new shoes make up a fresh, exciting ROCLITE range that boasts next generation running shoe technologies.

And so we have the all new ROCLITE 290, 305, 325, 305 GTX and 325 GTX.

Personally, I have the INOV-8 ROCLITE 290 and their unique mix of lightness and flexibility means they are fast and agile over a number of different terrains and surfaces.

My first ROCLITE 290 experience was early on a frosty Wednesday morning when I raced to the hills above my hometown of Llandrindod Wells to catch the sunrise. On this particular morning, they dealt with a number of underfoot conditions from frosty grass, frozen icy puddles, rocks, roads and well-trodden hard-packed frozen trails. I ended my morning, hilly adventure feeling impressed by the ROCLITE's durability for the different types of Mid-Wales' terrain thrown at them.

Racing mother nature with ROCLITE 290 & INOV-8 Full-Length Running Tights

The quick response from the POWERFLOW midsole provides a perfect mechanism for shock absorption and assists with giving you that extra kick of energy that you might require. In my case, to race mother nature and get to the top of the hill before sunrise! (I made it!)

The hills I call home

The ROCLITE 290 weighs in at 290g which is perfect for anyone like me who prefers a light, smooth ride with minimum weight over any terrain. The stud depth of 6mm is perfect for gripping onto whatever path you're running, giving your shoe a larger surface area for greater stability. (Means less/no falling over-hooray!) The studs are also multi directional, preventing any debris from clogging up in between them and thus further improving grip.

Built around the natural anatomy of the foot, the new ADAPTERWEB met-cradle adapts to the natural movement and swelling of the foot in motion thus creating a more stable ride and reducing foot movement within the shoe. This creates the perfect fit for any athlete.

Features of the ROCLITE

Another thing that really shouts out to me and probably will do to every other running shoe lover out there is the look of the ROCLITES. The colour and style of all the ROCLITES really makes them stand out as a shoe that has been revamped with a wham. What's more, they're a shoe that not only looks good but performs well too. What's not to love!?

ROCLITE 325, 305, 290

I can honestly say, I will be using the ROCLITE 290 frequently over the coming months; both for my training preparation for the up and coming mountain season and also for racing on the mountains and trails over the summer.

So if you hadn't worked it out by now; I am a BIG fan of the all new INOV-8 ROCLITE range and give INOV-8 a big thumbs up!

But... don't just take my word for it. Go and get yourself a pair and you'll soon discover what all the fuss is about!

Feeling nervous on the start line? Calm yourself by playing a little game and tally up the different shoe brands. You'll soon discover INOV-8 is often the most widely worn... so breathe deeply and take heart, for you know you are wearing a brand with a proven trail record for success! If you're not wearing INOV-8; well more fool you... it's time to go shopping... well shoe shopping anyway!

Ta Ta for now,
Heidi x

PS: A massive THANK YOU!!!! to INOV-8 for the continued support. I'm so lucky to be an ambassador for such an amazing brand.

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